Feel More Like Yourself

Rolfing is a hands-on form of bodywork that focuses on balancing your body within gravity. When you get Rolfed you get back into your body by reducing chronic aches and pains and gaining a broader awareness of how you move in your daily life.

While I work to help my clients find relief from pain, I also enjoy working with people who describe a sense of disconnection or who feel stuck in old routines and habits. In addition to pain relief, Rolfing can be the catalyst for personal growth... and often times these two things go hand in hand.

I hope you will find the answers for many of your questions about Rolfing and myself here on my site. However if you just want to talk things over feel free to call me up!

About Grant

I am a clawhammer banjo playing, San Francisco Art Institute Alum, ex-National team athlete who also happens to be a Certified Rolfer®. I really enjoy helping people feel better in their bodies, and I love getting to know about my clients' lives. It is my goal to use Rolfing® to help you pursue your interests and to enable you to move through your life with more openness and awareness and less pain... basically, to help you embody your best you! Read More about my history and my philosophy!

Upcoming Trainings and Travels

Biathlon Training Camp, Heber, Utah; October 16th – 31st

  Next week on Wednesday I will be flying to Salt Lake City for the […]


I have had the pleasure of working with Grant numerous times over the past five years. As an Olympic athlete I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great massage therapist, and Grant is clearly among the very best. — Tim B.